Cleaning Services: Residential – Commercial

We cater our services to both residential customers as well as commercial customers. The requirements of residential customers are slightly different and we pay attention to every customer with equal importance. The demands of commercial customers are difference when it comes to property maintenance and cleaning services. We calibrate our team strength and skill mix to cater different customer requirements.

We also provide maid services on demand or on a regular basis.Cleaning Services

Our strength lies in our process and people which are the two pillars of our success story. We work round the clock to serve our customers and we make sure that the customer is happy with our house cleaning service. We also undertake carpet cleaning service and boulder cleaning service and we are very popular for these services and our customers always call us whenever they need these services for their houses. Customers know that carpet cleaning is a very specialized work and that it is the reason why they always engage us for any such specialized service. We undertake the maintenance service as a turnkey project and perform all the activities to keep the property clean and look beautiful. We undertake both interior cleaning as well as exterior cleaning work both for residential as well as for commercial properties.

We have a very dedicated and skill team who are specialized in cleaning and maintenance work. In most of the cases, before we start our cleaning and maintenance work of the property, we perform a pre-assessment of the property and check all the items which needs to be cleaned. This pre-assessment is done at free of cost and we do not charge the customer even if the customer does not award us the work. Our pre-assessment report lets the customer know about the time required to complete the cost and most importantly the customer also gets to know the cost estimates. Our professional approach has impressed our customers and in most of the cases we have been retained as a long term maintenance vendor by the customers. Our dedicated team members have always maintained the quality of work and continued to put in effort till the time the customer is happy with the work.